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Hey Ladies & Fellas!

Our semi-custom suites are pre-designed and more budget friendly! We give you a few different options for styles & paper. You just let us know which one you want! What is different about a semi custom suite? These are already designed suites, but you may customize the color or font. If you want to make other changes, it will be a fully custom suite! These are perfect to fit your wedding budget, but still be something special!

The Chandler Suite

The Chandler Suite


The Chandler semi-custom suite is a 3 piece set including a letterpress Invitation, letterpress RSVP, & Envelopes. This suite takes about 8-10 weeks to produce.

This suite includes:

  • Invitation Design

  • RSVP Design

  • Plain Invitation Envelope

  • Plain RSVP Envelope

  • Letterpress Printing

Sizing and Paper:

  • 5X7, Invitation

  • 3.5 X 4.875, RSVP

  • 5.5 X 4.25, Details (if selected)

  • Extra Thick White Invitation (32 pt.)

  • Extra Thick White RSVP Card (32 pt.)

  • Extra Thick White Details (if selected) (32 pt.)


  • 50 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $785.00

  • 75 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $1,175.00

  • 100 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $1,520.00

  • 125 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $1,560.00

  • 150 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $1,648.50

  • 175 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $1,808.25

  • 200 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $1,970.00

  • 250 Invitation + RSVP Bundle: $2,270.00

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Want to change it up?

You may change color of the design for free. Let me know in the form below your selected color! Please use Patone colors for reference.

For any other changes made it will be an additional cost. Please email me any changes you’d like made.


Please fill out the form below to help me get an idea of your needs! Can’t wait to work with you!